Jim Hammond, Enrolled Agent
H&R Block, 1012 W. University DR, Denton, TX 76201
(940) 387-7078

Texas Society of Enrolled Agents: Don't mess with Taxes


Hammond Tax Preparation and Representation is now part of H&R Block. Beginning in January, our new location will be the H&R Block office at 1012 West University Drive in Denton, TX. All of our client records have been transferred to this office and Jim Hammond, Enrolled Agent, is still available to do your past or future taxes. Call him next year at (940) 387-7078 for an appointment.



If you need to contact us before January, call Jim Hammond at his cell phone (661) 644-5926 or email hammondtaxprep@gmail.com


Jim Hammond, Enrolled Agent and Fellow, National Tax Practice Institute (NTPI) -- Member,Texas Society of Enrolled Agents

Email me at this link before January 2014: Email Link

As a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute (in the top tier of Enrolled Agents), I am able to represent you before the IRS. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TALK TO THEM DIRECTLY. If the IRS has sent you any correspondence indicating that you owe them money, we can review the situation and We can determine whether you might qualify for an offer-in-compromise and settle with the IRS for less than they claim you owe (see IRS Representation page for form).
If you can't pay the IRS the total amount due, we may be able to file an installment agreement with the IRS to pay over time.
We can review your tax returns for the last three years and make certain you got all the deductions you were entitled to. If not, we can file amended returns to get the deductions you are entitled to.

Jim Hammond, Enrolled Agent